Report a Grievance

About the Engagement and Remedy Platform Contact Desk
JaCER's Engagement and Remedy Platform incorporates a contact for reporting grievances that receives complaints/reports of grievances regarding cases of human rights violations in connection with our regular members companies, notifies the member companies concerned of grievance reports, and supports and promotes redress of grievances by the member companies concerned.

JaCER is not an organization that itself resolves grievance reports we receive, but rather we endeavor to reinforce the effectiveness of the grievance mechanism by acting in a professional capacity to support and promote companies to redress grievance to fulfill their responsibility to respect human rights.

About the Grievance Mechanism

The United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights expects companies to maintain the grievance mechanism for remediating and improving the situations associated with grievances when negative impact of business activities on human rights are confirmed.

If you are considering reporting a grievance

Any person negatively impacted or who has reasonable grounds to believe there is a possibility of being negatively impacted from the perspective of human rights (the rights holder) or the person's representative or organization can report a grievance. The reporter is requested to provide the following information on JaCER's report form. We also receive anonymous reports. However, if information provided is insufficient, we will not be able to confirm the relevant facts and there is a possibility that the anonymous report will not be appropriately processed. Whenever possible, please provide detailed information. The reporter's personal information is appropriately managed in conformance with our privacy policy (Personal Information Protection Regulations).

  • Name of reporting individual or organization
    ※Anonymous reporting of grievances is also possible
  • Name of department and title of the person responsible, if the reporter is an organization.
  • Contact information (telephone number, e-mail address)
  • Name of company concerned
  • Content of the grievance (as detailed as possible)
  • Additional information as supporting evidence (if possible)

Cases and Companies Applicable to Grievance Redress

Applicable Cases

JaCER handles cases applicable to grievance redress, which are cases of violations and suspected violations of the International Bill of Human Rights and other international codes of conduct and the internal regulations established by countries that are related to challenges concerning business and human rights. However, reports of complaints and dissatisfaction of an everyday nature are not applicable as grievances.

Applicable Companies

JaCER supports grievance redress in cases connected with our regular member companies. Applicable companies include not only those in which cases of causing and fostering human rights violations and direct relation to such acts arise, i.e. the challenges within the companies concerned, but also extends to their group companies, supply chains, and value chains, etc. in which such cases arise.

Regular member companies applicable to grievance redress

When the company concerned in the grievance is a regular member company of JaCER, after notifying the company and offering a response plan, we encourage the company to promptly respond to the grievance report, and support the response process if the company concerned requests our assistance.

Non-member companies applicable to grievance redress

When the company concerned in the grievance is not a regular member company of JaCER and contact is possible, we sound out the company concerned and request the company to make an appropriate response. Please consider making a report directly to the non-member company or to the OECD National Contact Point in Japan (NCP).

Process Flow after Reporting

  • 01

    Content of Case Reported is Confirmed

    The content of the case reported is confirmed and a determination is made as to its applicability as a grievance case. When information necessary for confirmation is insufficient, we may contact the reporter for confirmation (when a name is given).

  • 02

    Reporter is Contacted

    The reporter is contacted (when a name is given) and informed of whether the case was confirmed to be applicable as a grievance case and matters pertaining to the procedure moving forward. (As a rule, the reporter will be contacted within 15 business days of receipt of the report.)

  • 03

    Company Concerned is Contacted

    The company concerned (when it is a regular member company) is contacted and sounded out regarding the response to the grievance report. (As a rule, the company will be contacted within 15 business days of receipt of the report.)

  • 04

    Redress of Grievance
    (By Regular Member Company Reported)

    Implementation of response to the case including investigation and confirmation of facts, and examination and implementation of measures to redress the grievance. Upon request by the company concerned, JaCER supports and promotes redress of the grievance by the company. The company concerned assigns advisory and mediation panel members and investigation panel members as necessary. (Time will vary according to the case.)

  • 05

    Information Update on Progress

    Information on the progress of grievance cases is regularly updated on the List of Grievance Redress Cases (as a rule, every two weeks).

    Information contained in the List of Grievance Redress Cases is disclosed in a format that ensures anonymity.

Other Contacts for Reporting

OECD National Contact Point in Japan (NCP)

A Contact Point is established in each country for diffusion of "the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises," processing of inquiries regarding the Guidelines, and support for issue resolution. In Japan, the Contact Point is composed of three ministries--the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Access Business and Human Rights Remedies

The Website has links to grievance mechanisms operated by relevant government agencies.


The Website has links to grievance mechanisms operated by relevant government agencies.

Company's contact desk to report grievances

Some companies have help desks set up for consultations regarding harassment, compliance, and other work-related matters, so be sure to check the company's Website for information.