Membership Information

Companies and organizations wishing to become a member are requested to contact JaCER after verifying the information outlined below.

Eligibility for Membership

Companies and organizations committed to their responsibility to respect human rights and that endorse the objectives and work of JaCER

a code of conduct for the members of JaCER

Membership Categories

Regular Members

Companies wishing to utilize our platform

Companies and organizations wishing to utilize JaCER's Engagement and Remedy Platform

Affiliate Members

Companies that endorse our objectives

Organizations that endorse the objectives of JaCER and wish to cooperate in activities undertaken by JaCER

Procedure for Membership To contact us, select the category “Membership Procedure” on the form and submit the form.

Contact Form

See the Membership Agreement for information on membership.

Regular Members

※Kirin Group:Please click on this link for Target companies.

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  >Whistleblower contact for a wide range of stakeholders

    Affiliate Members