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Participation in the AICHR Regional Consultation: Business and Human Rights, Environment and Climate Change in ASEAN

JaCER was invited by AICHR to participate in the AICHR Regional Consultation on Business and Human Rights, Environment and Climate Change in ASEAN, an AICHR-sponsored event held in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, May 29 and 30, 2023. The ASEAN has been developing a Regional Framework on Environmental Rights in recent years. A summary of the meeting are as follows.

  • The meeting revealed that human rights and environmental issues are perceived as urgent issues in the Asian region, and that the formulation of a regional framework is being urged. HAZE was taken up as an example, and the need for and the nature of measures to deal with cross-border environmental issues were discussed.


  • One of the objectives of the conference was to disseminate the "Environment and Human Rights Due Diligence (EHRDD)" formulated by the EU and to provide input to the regional framework on environmental rights in ASEAN. The cooperation and collaboration between the EU and ASEAN was emphasized.


  • The moderator asked for an explanation of JaCER's efforts during the breakout session and Dr. Akihiro Ueda, a stakeholder engagement manager at JaCER provided an overview. Participants asked various questions, including the subject of reporting and the neutrality of JaCER. In the plenary of the breakout session, JaCER was mentioned as one of the good examples of the Grievance Mechanism.

JaCER will continue to engage with stakeholders in the Asian region and beyond through these opportunities to ensure effective and efficient grievance mechanism.